ULTIMATE Complete Original 151 Pokemon Set ALL 48 HOLOS Base+Jungle+Fossil 100%

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This listing is for the Ultimate Original 151 Pokemon set! This set is made up of 100% Complete Master Sets of the Original Wizards Of The Coast 1999 Base, Jungle, and Fossil Pokemon sets. All arranged in the Nostalgic 151 Kanto Pokedex order! Again this is every single card from those 3 sets as well as the Rare Holo Mew from participating in the April 2000 Pokemon League Event bringing it to a total of 229 Cards! Full breakdown below!

- Includes every first appearance card of each of the original 151 Pokemon

- Includes ALL 48 Holo Rare cards and all Non-Holo Rare variants

- Includes Holo Version of #151 Mew from the April 2000 Pokemon League Event

-Includes all Trainer & Energy cards

- Includes Vintage 1999 Pokemon "Gotta catch em all" Binder with Leather Ultra-Pro Pages

This is something every pokemon fan would love to own, Especially those who came to love Pokemon in the 90s with the Original 151 Pokemon. As more years pass these only get harder to find and the market value grows, making this a great investment for the future on top of being an amazing gift for yourself or the Pokémon lover in your life!

While overall this is a great looking collection, Be aware the condition of the cards does vary from Near Mint to Played. Some cards are near perfect while others have some surface or edge wear. Please zoom in on the photos and feel free to ask questions if you are concerned about the condition.

Shipping & Handling ensures a safe & secure journey for your collection via 2 Day shipping with Insurance, Signature Confirmation, and Tracking!

I would be happy to answer any questions you have and will respond as soon as possible!


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